Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Recently admitted love affair of Robin Padilla and host Mariel Rodriguez is celebrated by media and gossips alike. What confirmed the two's affair is the fact that both admitted it to the public. Robin faced the critical eyes of the public and proclaimed his love to Mariel. Mariel responsed positively since she already admitted that she too, has admired the bad boy of Filipino movie even before the two got the chance to work together.

The two was obviously having the time of their life when Mariel, went after Robin to India where the latter decided to start his practice of the holy Ramadan in the country. Mariel, immediately left the country where rumors of her pregnancy was flooding the news. Boy Abunda, Mariel's manager confirmed that the actress is far from being pregnant and quoted, that "she is just happy and in-love!"

Last Sunday, August 22, 2010, the two were seen on NAIA Terminal 1. They just arrived from their trip from from India. According to source, their trip was cut short due to Robin's son, Ali. He has to take care of his son's travel to Australia back to her mother Liezl Sicangco. The two seemed to enjoy their time together. When asked about the wedding issue, Mariel neither confirmed nor denied the rumor but she strongly reiterated that she is not pregnant.

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